Welcome to my first Blog post!

I've been procrastinating for a long, long, LONG time now on whether or not to add a blog spot to my website. After all, it's just another thing I have to find time to update and keep current. So here I am, finally blogging. For how long? I honestly don't know but with so many changes to my business model, this is probably a good time as any to start.

I am proud to officially announce that Egg Photography is now a "full service photography studio". Woohoo!!! What does that mean for my clients? Quite simply, MORE SERVICE.

I now offer:

* An obligation free pre-session consultation at my Springfield studio so I can show you how I work and how I could help capture your memories. * A session fee as deposit with the option to decide on your package AFTER seeing your images * An 'Image Reveal' session approximately 2-3 weeks after your initial photo shoot, conducted at my studio * A 'design consultation' service to help you visualise how the images can be displayed in your home * An ordering service of only the top quality products (on your behalf) to ensure that the quality is second to none Here's why I decided to make the change:

See the image on this page? Which of the items on the wall do you think will still be relevant in 10 years time? With technology growing and developing at lightning speed, it's hard to know what will be available in the near future. I bet most of us don't even have any way of reading the floppy disc and now most laptops don't even come with a CD rom as standard anymore. How long before the USB gets upgraded to something else? Prints, albums and wall art. These are your safest investments that will stand the test of time! Plus, if they are displayed in your home, you can enjoy them every day, rather than have them collect dust in a draw somewhere! The second reason of course, was 'quality control'. All prints and wall art ordered through me will look the way they were designed to look and will stand the test of time.

If you have been stalking my Facebook Page, you would have seen me slowly introducing this element of my business. If you haven't been stalking it please check it out now. The link is I am also on Instagram (@eggphotographer) and I have promised myself that I will be more active on there too.

I've also prepared an E-Newsletter to send to my current database and if you wish to be included, please CONTACT ME with your email address. There are loads of specials and discounts in this one, so make sure you take full advantage!

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